Sunday, October 2, 2016

Group show in Gdansk

We are having a group exhibition of paintings, drawings, photography, illustrations with 15 artists from the studio. In old city of Gdansk, on beautiful Piwna street. Super exciting and happy that it is happening!

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Studio photos

Douglas booth, who is playing the character of Armand Roulin visited the studio. He is probably the most painted character in this hand painted animation film.. It was a good day with everyone outside for the photoshoot.

Beautiful Gdansk

Loving Vincent I

Loving Vincent. I promise to come back to this post and write more about the experience, test, training, selection, and being part of the production team, painting, animating the characters!


Animation 1:

Animation 2:

And then we got confirmed :)
My own art supply to paint the shots for the film.

Painters working in Gdansk:

My first animation for the film:
Beginning the new shot~

Second and third shot:

Fourth shot where Armand is talking about the letter with postman.

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Beautiful Gdansk

Flight to Poland

First day in Gdansk and old city tour.
(From left: Oreli, myself, Helena, Kamil, Mariosz)

On our way to the studio, Breakthru Films in Gdansk.

Color matching and style matching check on computer

Painting supplies

Timelines for the shots completed and the ones that are remaining.

My PAWS, Painting and Animation Workstation. 

Gdansk Old city

Transfer to a new hostel

Sara, my awesome roommate and fellow artist, animator from Spain! 

On our way to the Supermarket.

Gdansk Old city at night.