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Thursday, February 22, 2018

Portrait in clay

Made this one after I got back from Jerusalem. Nomi helped me understand the lyrics and the meaning of the song.

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Jerusalem, visit to Nomi

Here are some pictures from my memorable last visit to Jerusalem. Nomi Tanhausser, artist from Jerusalem hosted me. I was a guest at her home and for her show. 
With Nomi, the day I arrived.

Opening of Herstory of Art, Nomi Tanhausser's show:
I loved how she told her stories through these clay paintings. And the display was lovely.

Lunch with Nomi's family after the show opening day. From left Dana, Nomi, yours truly, Tzachi, Kim and Liat

Found this house on my way to the post office in Jerusalem.
On our way back from Kim's Sofar concert. With Dana, Tzachi and Nomi. 

The first Artist talk where we spoke about the medium and why we did what we did.

Tourists in the Industrial area where the gallery is located.
Picture with Tzachi, Nomi, Dana and Yoav.

Restaurant that we went to after the talk gave this when I asked for an English Menu :) It was funny.

The next day Dana and Yoav treated me to a classic Hebrew film with Live Orchestra. It was fun, first time I experienced something like this. I also enjoyed driving by and seeing Jerusalem at night.

We started preparing for the workshop the next day. 
This is the beautiful entrance to Nomi's studio in the same building. 
 Later we went to buy art supplies for the workshop and also went to Pesach's studio on the way.

Next day, driving from Jerusalem to Tel Aviv, Hanina Gallery for the first workshop with children:


Liat came with her friend to help us out for the first workshop with kids.

On the day before the opening we made another copy of the clay portrait of Ilanit, Nomi's friend, that we found later on from her studio.

Preparing for the Sabbath dinner at Nomi's home.
The highlight of the food, awesome Malabi that Dana made for the desserts and Nomi's Aloo naan:)

Second artist talk, where Nomi talks about her experiences behind her artworks, the inspirations and objects from her stories and art were also displayed. 

Later after the talk, we went to her friend's place for lunch. It was in the outskirts of the city and very beautiful. 

After the first workshop we went to the Russian Monastery of Ein Karem to see the beautiful mosaics. It was very peaceful, the sounds, the date trees and the animals and birds made the place special, something that is difficult to feel or sense in the fast cities. 

The monastery from the outside and the inside
It was a refreshing break after everyday's commute to and from Tel Aviv for the show.
The courtyard of Ein Karem Russian Monastery.
Then we headed to the old city of Jerusalem to eat something and also I had a wish note that I wanted to tuck in the wailing wall.

In old city of Jerusalem, at the Western wall: It was special. People everywhere chanting and praying. I found a place for my wish note at the wailing wall. The energy of the place is so different. It is so calming and feels like home away from home. 

Nomi bought beautiful ceramics from the old city.

The next day I went to Tel Aviv to meet friends and family I was in touch with, from my last visit earlier that year for the plasticine show. Also walked the old jaffa at night, which was so very beautiful. 

Then I headed back to Jerusalem, Nomi's home. It was cold when I got there. Dana made amazing hot chocolate for me. Below, Nomi working on her clay paintings. On the left is portrait of me that she made when I was there :)

Morning light:

Nomi and Tal in Nomi's kitchen. 

I also had my first artichoke on this trip with Nomi and Tzachi.
Pictures from the second workshop with adults:

And finally a beautiful sky that ended my trip. It was a lovely trip, looking at the pictures brings back all the good memories.
The sky was changing colors pretty fast and it was ah so beautiful. I was taking pictures from my window seat. The sky colors remind me of Rothko paintings. The woman on the aisle seat passed on her phones asking me to take photos on her phone. It was beautiful.