Friday, October 16, 2015

Cast drawing and sculpting

Study of the features:

Cast sculpting:

Cast drawing:

Monday, August 24, 2015

Ebullience 2015: Photos from the show

Im really thankful to everyone who came. I always thought that I would exhibit paintings at some point. But this was decided too hastily.. I had booked the dates at the gallery about two months in advance. Had some drawings from the past, a couple of oil paintings, many illustrations. And getting everything framed was a big task. About 90 works. But I am glad, that it happened.. Ofcourse with the help of my family and friends. My brothers Hitesh and Viral did the content writing and printing. Rohit and Abhilash took care of the designing. 

There are so many things I knew that I could have improved on had I spent more time or learnt more.. But I am glad that I took the dates to exhibit. Learning will take the whole life but the love and support of everyone who came, made everything so special. It is like fuel to help me continue my art education. Many of my book illustrations, portrait studies, paintings, paper models and clay illustrations were on display. It was more like a journey, The works created at every stage, while switching from computer science to animation and then to fine art, like a collection of learnings, improvement in the past five-six years. 

Artist Centre Gallery, Kalaghoda: Wall with all the drawings
Artist Centre Gallery, Kalaghoda

Artist Centre Gallery, Kalaghoda
Artist Centre Gallery, Kalaghoda
Storybook illustrations

My uncle and my mom's uncle came early, while we were still setting up everything.
Lighting the lamp. On my right are my parents.

With my nephew Diyansh in front of his painting.

People loved the clay work.. Most of them were so happy to see this wall filled with illustrations from the story books.. it reminded them of their childhood.

Now that I am looking at the pictures, it makes me very happy and it feels so special. My family has been the greatest support throughout. Thank you everyone. It would not have been complete without the presence of people who came. Thank you for coming and encouraging.

Sunday, July 26, 2015

First solo art show!

Yes, Im having an art exhibition 10-16 August at Artist Centre Gallery, Kalaghoda.

Monday, June 29, 2015

Copying masters

Since quite a few days I have been making the copies of Wiliam Bouguereau's two paintings:
La soup & the kiss. So much to learn!! And the detailing he has put into all of his works is awe-inspiring. I wonder how his eyes saw all the details and so perfectly put them on canvas. Wow. There's so much to learn when you study old masters.

The kiss(1866)

finished pictures:

La Soup au lait (1880)

Cover for womens' magazine

Cover illustration for women's magazine.
Medium: Paper



Cover for health magazine

Cover illustration for a Brooklyn based Health Supplement Magazine.
Medium: Paper cutouts



Clay illustrations for Hamodia group

Illustrations for a Brooklyn based community news paper and its magazine supplement.
Medium: Plasticine illustrations, models