Monday, June 29, 2015

Copying masters

Since quite a few days I have been making the copies of Wiliam Bouguereau's two paintings:
La soup & the kiss. So much to learn!! And the detailing he has put into all of his works is awe-inspiring. I wonder how his eyes saw all the details and so perfectly put them on canvas. Wow. There's so much to learn when you study old masters.

The kiss(1866)

finished pictures:

La Soup au lait (1880)


  1. Beautiful! If you are getting inspired by masters, you can consider Raja Ravi Verma's work too! It'll be nice to see some Indian context and beauty. :-)

    1. Thanks! These are the copies created for study purpose. Im just learning to understand how the masters created/mixed colors. trying to understand how to see the subtleties of color, value and chroma to give a sense of form and light..