Monday, March 14, 2016


Portrait studies in Patrick Byrne and Katie Engberg's class at GCA:
Graphite on paper

Graphite on paper

The drawing below is from the Friday evening sketch sessions.  It was a quicky where I tried to apply what I learnt from the portrait class. The Bargue drawings have been very helpful too. And it is also very encouraging to be drawing alongside wonderful, talented people.. Happy to have made some nice memories.

And here is my first portrait sculpture in clay! It was so much fun! Thanks to Charlie for letting me sculpt and being such a good teacher! I really like sculpting. And it is important too, as one tends to understand the volumes- placement and form of bone structure and muscles attached to them. How the skin behaves to show the underlying structure.. There's no hiding.. At the end you definitely feel that you learnt a lot. 

I also did one full figure sculpture.. Here's the link to the video on instagram:


Cast drawings and sculptures

Drawing of ear cast:

Sculpting of ear cast in clay:

Mouth cast in clay:

Unfinished drawing of mouth that will stay unfinished: