Saturday, April 14, 2012

Making of stopmotion characters

This panda is one of the characters designed for stopmotion animation, for Tidy Kids iPad game.
I really like this picture as it has lovely morning sunlight feel to it. The flowers were made some months ago when I was working on paper cutout illustrations for a storybook.

Making of Panda:

Making of other characters in the game:


Main game character:
Lazy lump

Other posts on the game design:
1. Set design for the game

Tidy Kids App from Hemali Vadalia on Vimeo.


  1. This is perfect picture for a greetings card!
    the warm lighting gives it such a intimate feel....

    the process of making the model looks very tedious!

  2. Yes, the process definitely is very time consuming and taxing.. even the animation takes a lot of time and tests patience..But the results are very satisfying.
    The only bad thing is that the models get oily in this weather and keeping dust off them is a task in itself.. Everytime i take them out, there is a thin layer of dust which i have to clean up before proceeding..
    No wonder ppl are switching to digital forms of animation!!