Saturday, September 1, 2012

Cultural monoculture

My entry for 'The Divide' illustration project at Kyoorius design yatra 2012 is on Monoculture of the world today - diminishing cultural diversity.

Almost everything that sells is mass produced, globalised and homogenized in our times. Vibrant local arts and artisans are replaced by sterile shows, advertising, media and global marketing. Gray business suits are becoming the statement. 

Mall culture and bulk buying has really made it difficult for the local players to survive. 

Artisans find it difficult to make their living with art and crafts and they too are shifting to alternate sources of income or probably creating only the art that sells, which is in demand. 

Is today’s monocultural world endangering our rich Cultural diversity?

Somewhere I feel sad that I am a part of this race and madness.. But feel too insignificant to change things.

I just read somewhere that re-localization is inevitable.. one can only hope and have faith that things will be fine.. and what we have had for all these years does not fade away by this modernization, westernization. It is good to get in touch with different people in different parts of the world and know them, learn from them.. exchange ideas..

but the awareness is equally important to realize that similarities and differences are both necessary to survive.

A fish only discovers 
its need for water
when it is no longer in it.

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  1. There's a similar crisis with local food and cuisines too. Generations old traditional whole-some recipes are getting lost in the world of unhealthy junk food... a conscious effort is indeed needed to save our traditional crafts and culture. Otherwise in the name of globalization, diversity is indeed lost....