Friday, November 4, 2016

Final shots at Loving Vincent

Fifth shot, where Armand is discussing the letter with postman.

Sixth shot, where Armand and margaret are in the fields and I animated a dialogue by Armand in blue sky.

Seventh shot
Animating the portrait of Armand in wheat fields

Eighth shot, the final one.
I started this one and after five frames I had to leave it half way as I was coming back home.

And this is how the journey with Loving Vincent film looks like. But there is much more than the film that the experience of working there has given me. It is such a beautiful city. Being from Mumbai I never had an opportunity to live in a place where you walk to work and can pick apples and cherries on your way to work for the breakfast. Beautiful beaches that you'd love to relax at over the weekends. Abundance of flowers and colors on daily commute to work or bus stop. Beautiful landscapes when seasons change. Some lessons and some dear friends who now feel like family.
Loving Vincent is a beautiful, unforgettable experience for me that I'll always remember- For the people I met here, the city and the film itself.  And it feels like something has changed me a little bit, for better and I am happy about it.

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