Thursday, May 22, 2014


Lorenzo~ Portrait in Sepia. 
6 days pose.

~: detail :~

Finito! So the portrait of Chiara is finally finished :) 
I always spelt her name as Kiara, but it is an Italian name, so 'Ch' is basically the 'K'. Also, roll the letter R as 'arr' to make it sound really Italian. (kee-aarrah) I'm gradually beginning to love this language :D
Okay, so now that I can't work on it anymore and I have time to look at the picture, I see how I completely forgot to work on the ear! It looks so weird now. I was planning to work on it at the end, but got carried away with the primary details(eyes, nose, mouth). Something to keep in mind, for the next portrait! 


  1. Beautiful work again! The guy has some attitude! :-)
    Reminds me of Chris Cornell with his hair tied back!
    One of rock music's greatest living legends...

  2. The guy had an awesome intense look. I kind of made it softer.. But it wasn't like this totally.