Thursday, May 8, 2014

Some more portraits

I'm quite excited about the portrait painting that we've started. It's my first portrait painting in color. Took some pictures as I was doing it, so here are the initial stages:

In the afternoon, we do the drawing in studio light. This time we could use a soft medium for drawing and I used a sepia stick for this one. Was quite difficult initially, it's my first attempt at using a soft medium. but I really like the dreamy mood it can create. Need to practice a lot with the medium though!
Better pictures soon!


  1. Wow! I really loved the asian guy portrait...
    Lot of character! The skin tones in the lady
    came beautifully... But she looks slightly
    masculine... I don't know, may be western
    women are a bit masculine looking...

  2. Its the very strong chin and neck...
    Try looking at yourself in mirror, you
    have a beautiful neck and chin line too.

    You can study that a bit! :-)

    But beautiful portraits for sure...
    Keep up the great work! :-)