Thursday, May 11, 2017

A beautiful gift

And this is what arrived in the mail a couple of days ago. They are plein-air studies by Kadin, a dear friend and an amazing artist. I always saw his drawings and paintings in the photos and admired, now having them and seeing them up close, is so special.
A couple of months ago I saw his recent studies from the mountains in his hometown. They were beautiful and made me very happy to see such good work he was doing. I asked him if he could send a small study sketch to me, so I can look at it and get motivated to go outdoors and paint.
After that I went to Israel for about a month and when I was back, I saw an envelope with my name on it and it was from Montana :) and I was like.. really? He sent them so quick! I opened the envelope and there were two paintings! He couldn’t decide which one to send, so sent both :D
I was expecting just a tiny sketch, study- so this was a surprise and made me happier. It is the first time I received painting in a courier as a gift. Thank you Kadin, It is so very special. I feel lucky and thankful. And motivated to pick up the brush again.

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