Saturday, May 27, 2017


It's been a year since I took the test at the Loving Vincent studios in Gdansk, to work as a painter, animator on the film. I remember my first week in Poland, I was a bit nervous, and dint know anyone.. On my first day I spoke with a few people, I was thinking about the test and the work to finish..Ate my lunch alone.. And then on the second day, I was a bit more comfortable. Ate my lunch in the kitchen where I got to meet and talk to a few people. Andrey is one of the friends I made from the studio in the initial days. He is a painter, musician and likes doing film photography. He is my first Ukrainian friend. I wanted to draw a portrait of him in the style of Hans Holbein's studies, with architecture from the city of Gdansk.  It is very different than what I thought I'd make.

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