Thursday, May 11, 2017

Copy of Julien Dupre

I first saw Julien Dupre's original in Rehs Gallery in NewYork. I love his works and his technique of painting figures with thin paint and the backgrounds with heavy texture, like impasto. Was so happy to see an original Julien Dupre first time, I asked a friend to take pictures of me with the painting and seeing the excitement the owner even showed us his diary and sketchbook, even let us go through what he had written and doodled. This was in February 2016. I was really very happy that day.

So last year when I got a commission to do a master copy of my choice, I chose to do the one below. Here's the process to my attempt at copying a Julien Dupre's painting. I started out very loose and not very organized.. May be next time if I attempt a master copy, I will do it differently.
As I progress, I fix shapes and pay attention to the shifts in chroma, how form is created with changes in the value, How grey the color is. And fix shapes continuously.

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